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Is your home suffering from water damage in Lake Placid, Florida? Are you being harmed by mold? Did someone vandalize your property? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then you’ll want to call ClaimPros right away.  

Damage to properties doesn’t only happen to houses. It can happen to businesses too. As a business owner, we understand that you’ll need to have your property rebuilt and remodeled as soon as possible. When your building is your business and there’s devastation in the works, you’re losing money! At ClaimPros, we’re your first call to ensure that we can get you quickly through the claims process and onto maximizing your career. Our professional adjusters assist in: 

  • Documenting the Devastation  
  • Building Strong Cases 
  • Collecting Proof 
  • Submitting an Unwavering Case 
  • Negotiating with the Insurance Company on Your Behalf 
  • Collecting Your Maximum Settlement Amount  
  •  & So Much More  

It’s essential for business owners and homeowners to hire a professional public adjuster after Mother Nature takes over in Lake Placid, Florida. Why? We can help you speed up the claims process. When insurance adjusters see that there’s a professional handling a claim, they pay closer attention to the details and are less likely to give an inadequate settlement amount. The reason being is that insurance companies know how difficult policy jargon can be. With our help, we’ll level the playing field so that you have a fair experience.  

At ClaimPros we work to get clients from Lake Placid, Florida every dollar they deserve. After all, repairing a property isn’t cheap, and it’s going to take all of the financial assistance one can get. We’ve handled countless claims, and continue to provide excellent customer care daily. If you don’t believe us, check our reviews for Lake Placid, Florida and beyond. We’re a team that will stand by your side from beginning to end. We don’t stop until you’re adequately compensated.

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