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Imagine that you’re waking up in the morning on a Monday. Like always, you walk downstairs or down the hall to make your coffee so that you properly awaken before you begin your busy day. As you’re making your way towards the cup of delicious warmth, you realize that you’re walking through a puddle! There are some moments where your mind doesn’t quite comprehend an item where it shouldn’t be. A great example of this would be water dripping from your ceiling, onto your living room rug. At ClaimPros, we’ve seen where this particular situation has been an incident for residents of Margate, FL and beyond. You might be wondering how our professional public adjusters can help. There are a handful of ways that we offer our services including:

  • Managing Your Claim from Start to Finish
  • Assessing the Damage
  • Documenting the Damage
  • Taking Images of the Damage
  • Building a Strong Case
  • Negotiating with Your Insurance Company
  • Answering Phone Calls from Your Insurance Company
  • Striving for Your Maximum Amount

When you’re going through such a devastating time, it can be difficult to know where to start. You may think that calling your insurance company first is the best choice. However, at ClaimPros, we recommend to all of our clients in Margate, FL and beyond to hire a public adjuster. The reason being is that insurance companies take a case more seriously when they see a professional assisting on the claim. They know that the playing field is leveled and that our team will fight significantly harder for the maximum amount our customers deserve.

At ClaimPros, we’ve worked on over 10,000 claims, and we bring 30 years of excellence! It’s not easy to find a team with that many years of experience, and it’s not easy to find a company that will stick by your side from beginning to end. If you’re looking to know more about how our customers felt about our services in _________ _, just read our incredible customer reviews! At ClaimPros, we’re here to answer your questions, make your life easier, and secure your maximum settlement amount.

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