3 Things To Know Before You File An Insurance Claim For Water Damage in West Palm Beach

Nearly 40 percent of all American homeowners have experienced loss from water damage. Water damage is especially common in Florida, as the state is home to a rainy, dewy, climate. The number of homeowners who file an insurance claim for water damage has been growing faster than other sectors of homeowners insurance.Water damage can happen for reasons such as:

  • Leaking pipes
  • Broken pipes
  • Leaking air conditioner
  • Leaking roof
  • Leaking faucets
  • Storm Flooding

Though many individuals think that heading straight to their insurance contact is an intelligent first move, the professionals at ClaimPros would have to disagree. We started our careers as public adjusters to stop homeowners and business owners from being denied the compensation their policies had entitled them to. All to often, we’ve watched as policyholders have gone to their insurance company in a time of need, only to be turned away, or offered an unfair settlement. At ClaimPros, there are a few tips to follow before filing an insurance claim for water damage.

Tips For Filing An Insurance Claim For Water Damage

Tip One: Hire A Public Adjuster

The very first step in the discovery of water damage is to call the public adjusters at ClaimPros right away. Instead of heading directly to the insurance company, take a defensive position and hire the team who can help you handle most of the tedious tasks ahead.

Tip Two: Sit Back & Relax

At ClaimPros, we’ll deal with your insurance company, but we’ll also handle so much more. We recognize how overwhelming and emotional a destructive force can be to our homes and businesses. Instead of rushing to fix the long list of to-dos, allow ClaimPros adjusters to do what they do best. We work with clients every day to document damaged areas, take photos, set up inspections, build solid cases, and present them on your behalf to the insurance company.

Tip Three: Listen To Experience

The third tip is to take our advice seriously. Many homeowners think that they know best, only to realize that they lack a crucial understanding of the insurance world. At ClaimPros, we’ve become experts in our fields. We can help you negotiate for better settlements, while also informing our clients to wait for the repair, until after the inspection. With such a vast variety of knowledge, hiring a public adjuster proves to be quite the asset.

At ClaimPros, we’ve reviewed over 1,000 claims, serviced 67 counties, and offer 30 years of experience. With numbers like these, we’ve left many clients with more money, more time, and less stress. If you’re deciding whether to file an insurance claim for water damage in West Palm Beach, consider calling ClaimPros first, and see how we can make your claims process less stressful and more rewarding.

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