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Business insurance claims present a complexity of choices to the insured/business owner: they may represent themselves throughout the claim process or authorize ClaimPros to prepare and settle the loss for them.Of the thousands of Insurance Adjusters everywhere, only a few choose to exclusively represent (You) the insured.

Although frequent adversaries with insurance companies and their Insurance Adjusters; ClaimPros has nonetheless earned the respect of its peers by representing the insured professionally and promptly. Settling an insurance claim calls for meetings with Insurance Company Adjusters and contractors and many hours of preparing inventories as well as documenting lost or damaged items. Following preparation of the inventory of those lost or damaged items, the insured will need to establish the cost to replace those lost or damaged items. Additionally, the necessary meetings and inventory documentation may require the insured to take precious time away from work and family – time that would better be spent managing the trauma associated with an insurance claim and focusing one’s life back towards recovery.

Our primary objective at ClaimPros is to recreate the claim situation as it was prior to occurrence of the loss.

Thus enabling our employees to properly document and prepare the complex insurance forms to ensure that our clients receive all they are entitled to. So if a business has a claim, business owners can rest assured that ClaimPros immediate and efficient preparation and presentation of the claim will minimize any delay in operations. With ClaimPros assistance, key personnel are relieved of the tedious and time-consuming details involved in settling an insurance claim, allowing you to focus on re-establishing your business at its present site or – if circumstances warrant it – an alternate location.

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