Water damage is a devastating occurrence. It’s not only ‘Mother Nature’ who causes water damage. Water heaters or other appliances can burst and create significant water damage. Additionally, wind damage can cause a roof’s moisture barrier to fail; thereby, allowing water intrusion to enter the living or working space of a structure, often resulting in elevated moisture and mold growth.

As a fiduciary, our public adjusters only represent our client’s best interests and will document, prepare, and present your claim, while working collaboratively with your insurance company to expediate a resolution.


Our primary objective at ClaimPros is to get our clients back to their pre-loss condition. Consequently, retaining our public adjusters to represent your interest to properly document, prepare, and present the complex and mandatory insurance forms will greatly increase the probability that you receive a full and fair claims settlement, this is our professional calling.

No matter what kind of damage you have suffered, our licensed public adjusters can help you secure a full and fair claims settlement. Call ClaimPros today and learn more about our FREE claim and policy reviews.

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