Hurricane Preparation Tips Before Filing Insurance Claim for Water Damage in Boca Raton

Hurricane season is right around the corner. Forecasters predict a near normal or above normal season, with one to four major hurricanes. With that in mind, South Florida homeowners may be more prepared this year, especially if they filed an insurance claim for water damage in Boca Raton. Here are a few hurricane preparation steps to keep your home dry.  

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Hurricanes bring strong winds and so much rain that flooding is typically a major concern. How can you make sure your home is safe? There are a few ways to hold down the fort, so to speak, before the first hurricane of the season reaches Florida. First, you’ll want to give your homeowner’s insurance policy a once over. Make sure you know what your policy covers and what it doesn’t. Policy wording can be confusing, so hiring a professional public adjuster can save you the confusion.

Secondly, it’s a good idea to consider flood insurance if you live in an area prone to flooding. Many homeowners assume that flooding is categorized as water damage. However, flood insurance is a category all on its own and should be obtained if you fear that you’ll pay for a remediation and removal process.  

Third, have your roof inspected before any storms hit. Many of us don’t think about how important roofs are when it comes to protecting our homes, but with continuous sun, rain, and wind, Florida roofs are susceptible to severe wear and tear over time. Insurance companies often try to ding homeowners on a faulty roof, but if you do your homework and receive an okay from a roofing inspector, you should be good to go.

At ClaimPros, we help thousands of people every year file an insurance claim for water damage in Boca Raton. In Florida, water damage cases are among the most severe, as our humid conditions give way to mold and mildew rather quickly. This summer, save your home from any despair by reaching out to ClaimPros. We’ve reviewed over one thousand claims, and we have over thirty years of experience. Whether you’re looking for information or looking to file a claim, we have your property damage issues covered. Call the professional public adjusters at ClaimPros today at (561) 425 – 7302!

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