What to Expect Out of Home Insurance Claims in Boynton Beach Without a Public Adjuster

Many public adjusters are quick to explain what they can do, but what if we described what your claim could look like without the assistance of a public adjuster? You may think you are saving money by handling your home insurance claims in Boynton Beach on your own, but our professionals have seen time and again just how much of a nightmare that can be. At ClaimPros, we know how tempting it is to call your insurance companies and negotiate as a sole individual.

ClaimPros provide complete public adjusting services

However, with years of experience, we recommend hiring a professional, and here’s why:


If a home or business owner decides to take on the insurance companies alone, they are certainly in for a long road ahead. When homeowners deal with insurance companies directly, insurance companies are often rude, and may even hold out. Insurance firms can behave this way because many homeowners are likely to give up, do to the stressful and unnerving circumstances. The result is you are frustrated, and insurance companies save money.


You may believe you are saving money by not hiring a public adjuster. However, the professionals at ClaimPros can vouch for getting more than four times the original offer! The higher payout is because insurance companies don’t take homeowners and business owners seriously. When owners hire an expert, insurance companies realize the playing field has become more even, and they are much more responsive and honest.


Details play a big part in insurance claims being accepted or denied. If your home has been damaged or burglarized, we can help document what happened. may need this documentation if the insurance company gives you a lower payout than expected and you need to appeal.


If homeowners and business owners don’t hire a public adjuster, they are certainly in for a stressful and frustrating time. A public adjuster helps take away the negatives of the situation, and allows home and business owners to relax, focusing on other important matters in their lives.

If you’ve been a victim of home damages, ClaimPros can be the first to assist. We’ll handle your claim from start to finish, ensuring that you’re being fought for with diligence, aggressiveness, and fairness. Don’t become a victim of the games insurance companies play. Let the professionals handle what we do the best, while you rid yourself of the unnecessary emotional turmoil. If you’re looking to start home insurance claims in Boynton Beach, call our expert team today!

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